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TMO: Tiny Multiplayer Online (Sim)

You're the game designer of a new and exciting MMO!

MMO players are a demanding species.

They will want awesome quests to set them on their way. Thrilling battles with ferocious baddies. And after they've slain the beasts they will have many a trinket and treasure, so make sure there's a shop nearby where they can sell their bounty.

Your boss said you have complete control over the MMO World. Huzzah! There was one *tiny* limitation however: because of "technical reasons" it needed to fit on a single screen.



- Players go from NPC -> Monsters -> Shops -> Back to NPC.
- Click to select the room type below then click on the grid to place the room.
- Rooms build from the clicked cell towards up and right.
- Rooms have different shapes, although they are not shown until you place them. Tip: Reference the game's screenshot for room sizes.
- There is no delete room feature, so plan ahead!
- Players receive happiness if their needs are met. Likewise they will rage quit when they are not.
- Players receive a penalty if they are fighting monsters below their level (indicated by the number on them).
- Players get upset when they are waiting or travelling long distances
- Red players = unhappy players.
- Happy players grant Ratings which brings more players which in turn grants a higher cash income.
- Cash is obtained via monthly subscriptions. More Online users = more cash per month.

- Win the game by getting a Rating of 100
- Lose the game by getting a Rating of less than 0



If you're not seeing the UI update your Unity Web player plugin (created with Unity 4.6) or download the standalone versions.

The new Web player is currently unsupported in 64bit OSX on Chrome, see the discussion here: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/no-more-web-player-support-in-chrome-and-firefox.202063/page-4. Try another browser or download the standalone versions.


Tools / Libraries used:

Unity 4.6
Otomata (Generative Music Sequencer)
A* Pathfinding Project
FSM Finite State Machine from wiki.unity3d


Post Comp Update:

v0.1.1 All of which are usability fixes:

* Added visual preview of room size (the most asked for feature)
* Added white border to show currently selected room
* Improved sound volume

Many many more improvements planned.




tmo-ld31_linux.zip 16 MB
tmo-ld31_windows.zip 13 MB
tmo-ld31_mac.zip 15 MB
TMOSource.zip 83 MB