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A Bard's Song

This is a story about a Bard.

Raise morale through the use of drums or perhaps strike fear into your enemies with the war horn!

What song will you play?



Left mouse click = Primary skill
Right mouse click = Secondary skill

Press the icons in the bottom right or Number keys or Scroll Wheel = Change Instrument

Each instrument has it's own skill set, managing your cool downs and using all of them effectively is key for success.

~ Flute ~
Primary: Single shot damage
Secondary: Single shot high damage

~ Lyre ~
Primary: Healing beam (press and hold)
Secondary: Heals all allies

~ War Horn ~
Primary: Lowers all enemy defences
Secondary: Speed boost to all allies

~ Drums ~
Primary: Damages all enemies
Secondary: Massive damage to all enemies



Problems with Chrome?

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Tools used:

Unity 5
Garage band




LD32-Source.zip 29 kB